.01 Definitions.

A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.

B. Terms Defined.

(1) "Board" means the State Board of Examiners for Audiologists, Hearing Aid Dispensers, and Speech-Language Pathologists.

(2) "Consultant" means any professional who collaborates with a provider of telehealth services to provide services to patients.

(3) "Patient" means a consumer of telehealth services.

(4) "Provider" means an audiologist, hearing aid dispenser, or speech-language pathologist who provides telehealth services.

(5) "Service delivery model" means the method of providing telehealth services.

(6) "Site" means the patient location for providing telehealth services.

(7) "Stored clinical data" means video clips, sound/audio files, photo images, electronic records, and written records that may be available for transmission via telehealth communications.

(8) "Telehealth" means the use of telecommunications and information technologies for the exchange of information from one site to another for the provision of audiology, hearing aid dispensing, or speech-language pathology services to an individual from a provider through hardwire or internet connection.

(9) "Telepractice" means the practice of telehealth.