.06 Provider Conditions for Participation.

A. To participate in the Program, the provider shall meet the requirements for participation in the Medical Assistance Program as set forth in:

(1) COMAR;

(2) COMAR; and

(3) The COMAR chapter defining the covered service being rendered;

B. Medical Record Documentation. An originating and distant site provider shall:

(1) Maintain documentation in the same manner as during an in-person visit, using either electronic or paper medical records;

(2) Retain telehealth records according to the provisions of Health-General Article, §4-403, Annotated Code of Maryland; and

(3) Include the participant's consent to participate in telehealth or an explanation as to why consent was not available.

C. Originating Sites include:

(1) A college or university student health or counseling office;

(2) A community-based substance use disorder provider;

(3) A deaf or hard of hearing participant's home or any other secure location as approved by the participant and the provider;

(4) An elementary, middle, high, or technical school with a supported nursing, counseling or medical office;

(5) A local health department;

(6) A FQHC;

(7) A hospital, including the emergency department;

(8) A nursing facility;

(9) The office of a physician, physician assistant, psychiatric nurse practitioner, nurse practitioner, or nurse midwife;

(10) An opioid treatment program;

(11) An outpatient mental health center;

(12) A renal dialysis center; or

(13) A residential crisis services site.

D. Distant Site Providers may render services via telehealth within the provider’s scope of practice.